The Coalition of Black Trade Unionists consists of members from fifty international and national unions with sixty-two chapters across the country. CBTU seeks to fulfill the dream of those Black trade unionists, both living and deceased, who throughout this century have courageously and unremittingly struggled to build a national movement that would bring all our strengths and varied talents to bear in the unending effort to achieve economic, political and social justice for every American.

The basic objectives of the CBTU are reflected in its activities and projects, which include: to put forth greater and more creative efforts to improve the image of labor throughout the community; working within the framework of the trade union movement to provide a voice and vehicle for greater Black and minority participation; extensive and increased involvement in voter registration, voter education and GOTV projects; organizing the unorganized; providing active support for civil rights and civic groups to improve living and working conditions in the Black community; fostering increased political coalescing between labor, churches and the general community to effectively impact the political process on issues and projects of common interest.

CBTU will continue to support job training initiatives and programs aimed at reducing the Black youth unemployment rate, which consistently hovers around 50%. Recognizing the correlation between youth unemployment and education, CBTU chapters continue their support for the public school systems and oppose reduced funding for educational projects and programs, particularly those involving inner city schools.

CBTU will continue to work for protection of consumers from escalating price increase for the four necessities of life --food, energy, housing and medical care -the areas where inflation hits hardest. We oppose cutbacks in social programs, health, welfare, aid to the cities and support services for the disadvantaged until they are replaced with full employment and other necessary safety nets.

We pledge to work in coalition with organized labor and other allies whose mission is consistent with these objectives.


Benefits of Membership

  • Full rights and privileges of CBTU member
  • Education about labor organizations which will enable you to actively support your unions objectives and goals
  • Career enhancement and personal development opportunities through leadership and technical training
  • Coalition building among your union and other labor organizations
  • Participation in a professional grassroots organization that assists you in pursuing your interest and goals
  • Eligibility for full participation in local, regional and national
  • CBTU events
  • Voting in official elections
  • Networking with other professionals across the nation
  • Membership Dues
  • Membership dues are paid annually.  The dues are as follows:
  • Rank and File: $35.00
  • Retiree Rank and File: $22.00
  • Retiree Staff: $40.00
  • Retiree International Officer: $80.00
  • Staff: $100.00
  • International Officer: $155.00
Here's How To Join the Coalition of Black Trade Unionists

We meet the 3rd Saturday of each month at the Labore's Hall,

20 Fourth Street, Rochester, NY

Contact Us

Coalition of Black Trade Unionists
Rochester Chapter
P.O. Box 24223
Rochester, NY 14624

(585) 458-6032
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