Rochester Education Alliance of Labor

A collaboration of the Rochester Labor Council, Rochester Teachers Association, and New York State United Teachers.


The Rochester Education Alliance of Labor (REAL) is the worker program established to continuously improve the quality of education and prepare youth for the world of work, thereby enriching the community as a whole.

  • All Rochester students develop a sense of their potential as responsible, active and informed participants in the workplace and in the community and are prepared to be productive citizens.
  • All Rochester-area teachers are aware of themselves as workers, are informed about the jobs done by other workers in the community, and are prepared to enable students to think critically about the world of work.
  • Members of affiliates of the Rochester Labor Council are able to assist teachers and students in teaching and learning about work.

Standards and Curriculum

To define what all students should know about their rights and responsibilities in the workplace; to inform students about labor history and the progressive role of unions; to help define what all students should know and be able to do to perform their jobs; and to develop appropriate curriculum.


To assume a leadership role in implementing a comprehensive pre kindergarten college School-to-Work transition process, focusing on classroom and worksite learning experience, curriculum content, and delivery and support systems.


REAL is a collaboration of the Rochester Labor Council, Rochester Teachers Association, and New York State United Teachers. It enables Rochester-area educators and other workers to collaborate with respect to professional development, curriculum development and implementation, etc.


For Students

  • More students (pre-kindergarten - grade 14)( are involved in school - to - work experience
  • Students are more supportive of one another in the workplace
  • More students are served by support systems, including mentors
  • More students are able to analyze and match their own skills and competencies to those needed in the workplace
  • More students are aware of the relationships among jobs and the relationship of work to the economy

For Teachers

  • Teachers are more informed about workers, occupational roles and issues, and the interdependence of various types of work
  • More teachers use REAL curricula at all levels

For Alliance Participants

  • More Labor Council affiliates participate in and support REAL
  • More members of more Council affiliates are able to work with teachers and students in work based and school-based activities
  • Collaboration is increased between educators and other alliance participants in implementing apprenticeship and mentoring experience
  • Rochester Labor Council
  • Rochester Teachers Association, NYSUT Local 616
  • New York State United Teachers, (NYSUT) Rochester Regional Office
  • Service Employees International Union, (SEIU) Local 1199
  • United Auto Workers, (UAW) Local 1097
  • Electrical Workers, (IBEW) Local 86
  • Union of Needletraders, Industrial and Textial Employees, (UNITE) Rochester Regional Joint Board
  • Monroe County Federation of Social Workers, IUE Local 381
  • American Postal Workers Union, (APWU) Local 215

In Print

  • Imagining Work (Handbook for Teachers)
  • We Do The Work (Teachers' Study Guides, Vol. 1)
  • We Do The Work (Teachers' Study Guides, Vol 2)
  • Our Community of Workers (Coloring Book)
  • Our Community of Workers (Handbook for Students Pre-K to Grade 8)
  • Occupational Safety and Health Curriculum (Module for High School Students)
  • A Community That Works (Photo Exhibit Flyer)


  • REAL WorkGuide
  • The Meaning and Value of Work
  • Teachers and the World of Work (Workbook for Pre-service Teachers)
  • Reading the World of Work (Bibliography)
  • Social Studies WorkBased Curriculum
  • Visual Arts WorkBased Curriculum
  • English WorkBased Curriculum
  • Math, Science, Technology WorkBased Curriculum
  • Community College WorkBased Curriculum
  • A Community of Workers (Photo and interview documentation)

For more information, contact:

Jon Garlock, REAL Coordinato
Rochester Education Alliance of Labor
Rochester Labor Council, AFL-CIO
30 North Union Street
Rochester, NY 14607
(585) 263-2650



The Driver Improvement Course that has been approved by the NYS DMV for Point Reduction and the Dept. of Insurance.

Social Security

A federal insurance program that provides benefits to retired people and those who are unemployed or disabled.

Veterans Pension

Allow's all honorably discharged vets to buy back up to three years of pension credit for their military service.

Next Wave

A community of members dedicated to empowering, activating, and developing leadership for the future.

Legal Service Plan

CSEA has established the Legal Services Plan to provide legal assistance and services to you and your family.

Death Benefit

In 1966, legislation was enacted establishing death benefit for State employees who retired after October 1966.

Compensation Plan

A State-sponsored employee benefit Compensation Plan for State employees of participating employers.

Buyer’s Edge

Buyer's Edge offers a Buy By Phone, Buy Online and, in certain categories and areas, a Buy In Person program.

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