About the CSEA Employee Benefit Fund

The CSEA Employee Benefit Fund is a Trust Fund managed by a seven member Board of Trustees comprised of CSEA members and chaired by CSEA President Danny Donohue. The Fund was established in 1979 and provides Dental and Vision benefits to CSEA members at the State and local governmental level.

Over the years, the Fund has worked to expand and improve the benefits offered to the CSEA membership. The Fund provides benefits to more than 525 CSEA represented Local Government units, School Districts, Libraries, and Public Authorities. The Fund staff has considerable experience in dealing with the complexities that surround Local Government negotiations. We offer varying levels of Dental and Vision coverage as well as a Legal, Hearing, and Maternity benefit.

Our mission in 1979, and to this day, is to provide the best possible benefits to our hard working members and their families.

Board of Trustees members include the following individuals:

Danny Donohue, Chairman
Billy Riccaldo, Treasurer
Joe Aravena, Secretary
Mary E. Sullivan
Kathy Button
Nick LaMorte
Shana Davis

Contacting Us

Member Assistance

Membership assistance is available by contacting the fund by the following means:



Phone and Fax

Phone: (800) EBF-CSEA or (800) 323-2732
TDD: (800) 532-3833
General Fax: (518) 782-1234
Marketing Fax: (518) 782-9979
Enrollment Fax: (518) 786-3658

Mailing Address

CSEA Employee Benefit Fund
1 Lear Jet Lane - Suite 1
Latham, New York 12110-2395

Address for Dental Claims Submission

CSEA Employee Benefit Fund
PO BOX 489
Latham, NY 12110-0489

Office Hours:
Sunday........... Closed
Monday........... 7:30a-5:00p
Tuesday.......... 7:30a-5:00p
Wednesday...... 7:30a-5:00p
Thursday......... 7:30a-5:00p
Friday............. 7:30a-5:00p
Saturday......... Closed

The CSEA Employee Benefit Fund (EBF) is the current administrator of dental and vision benefits for active New York State CSEA bargaining unit members.

Did you know that the CSEA Employee Benefit Fund (EBF) offers a cost effective dental and vision plan to address the needs of CSEA retirees? As the leading union in New York State, CSEA also offers other retiree benefits to CSEA members who join as a retiree. The members of your bargaining unit have a variety of CSEA benefit programs available when they retire.

The Retiree Dental and Vision Programs offered by the EBF are modeled after the NYS dental and vision plans active CSEA members currently enjoy. Members looking for retiree coverage similar to the NYS dental and vision plans should explore the programs offered by the EBF. Three premium tiers allow the retiree to tailor the premium type to their needs. A Recurring Payment Program is offered for added convenience.

As the Fund's Retiree Coordinator, I offer a pre-retirement workshop to review EBF retiree benefit options to members contemplating retirement. The workshop provides members with excellent resource tools to help connect the dots. If you are interested in scheduling a workshop, please contact me at 1-800-323-2732, ext. 836 or cfolev@cseaebf.org . Workshops require a minimum of 30 members with pre-registration. To ensure the minimum is met, consider reaching out to other CSEA NYS Locals.

If you have any questions regarding the Fund's Retiree Dental or Vision Programs or programs administered by the EBF, please do not hesitate to contact us at 1-800-323-2732. We value your participation and appreciate the opportunity to serve you.