Page 17 - 2016-2021-OSU
P. 17

salary rate equal to or higher than the job rate of the employee’s salary grade

        and has attained a performance rating of “satisfactory” or its equivalent,

        shall receive the associated longevity payment in either April or October
        following the date they reach the eligible years of service.
           §7.3 Movement from Hiring Rate to Job Rate

            (a) Employees who complete  one (1) year of service  in full-time

         employment status at a basic annual salary rate which is below the job rate
         of their salary grade, whose performance at the completion of each year of

         service is rated at least "satisfactory" or its equivalent, shall be eligible to
         receive an increment advance.

            For the purpose of determining the date upon which the year of service is
         completed, any pay period for which the employee was on leave without

         pay or on leave with less than full pay for the full payroll period will not
         be counted.

            (b) Increment advances will be payable to eligible employees on April 1
         or October 1 of the fiscal year immediately following completion of each

         year of service in grade. Increment advances shall be an amount equal to
         one-seventh of the difference between the hiring rate and the job rate of the

         grade. Employees hired or promoted on  or after April 2  and  through
         October 1 will have an increment anniversary date of October 1.

         Employees hired or promoted on or after October 2 and through April 1
         will have an April 1 increment 24 anniversary date. All hired or promoted

         employees will be required to serve at least one year before receiving their
         increment.  Once  the  increment  is  received, subsequent  increments  will

         begin on the appropriate increment anniversary date of either October 1 or

         April 1. The creation of a second increment anniversary date will continue
         the practice that all employees  will serve at  least  one year before  the
         increment is paid but no employee will wait longer than one and one-half


            (c) An employee's salary may not exceed the job rate as a result of an
         increment advance.
            §7.4 Promotions

            (a) Employees who are promoted, or otherwise advanced  to a  higher

         salary grade will be paid at the hiring rate of the higher grade or will receive
         a percentage increase in basic annual salary determined as indicated below,

         whichever results in a higher salary.  Effective April 1, 2020, for purposes

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