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P. 177

Similarly, VR credits earned, banked and charged after the payroll period

        in which they are earned are not counted  in determining eligibility for

        overtime in the workweek in which they are charged. However, employees
        who work full time at reduced salary and bank VR credits who, as the result

        of working and charging leave accruals other than VR credits, exceed their
        normal 37.5 or  40-hour workweek continue to be eligible for overtime

        compensatory time and paid overtime in that workweek as appropriate.
           Sections 135.2(h) and (i) of Part 135 of the Budget Director’s Overtime

        Rules are waived to the extent necessary to permit payment of overtime
        compensation to overtime-eligible employees who are participating in this

         10. Discontinuation or Suspension of VRWS Agreements

           Although VRWS agreements are for stated periods of time, they can be
        discontinued by mutual agreement at the end of any payroll period. VR

        agreements may be discontinued, at management discretion, when an
        employee is promoted, transferred or reassigned within an agency, facility

        or institution, although VR credits must be carried forward  on the
        employee’s time record.

           VR agreements  may also be discontinued when an  employee moves
        between agencies or between facilities or institutions within an agency. (See

        Provisions for Payment of Banked (Unused) VR Time in Exceptional Cases

           Employees who go on sick leave at half pay for 28 consecutive calendar
        days, who receive leave donation credits for 28 consecutive calendar days

        or  who  are absent because  of  a work-related  injury or  illness  for  28

        consecutive calendar days will have their VRWS agreement suspended and
        be  returned  to  their normal fulltime work schedule and pay base. For
        accidents occurring on or after  July 1, 1992, CSEA employees covered

        under the Statutory Benefit Program will continue on VRWS until the first

        day they are placed on workers’ compensation disability leave, at which
        time they will have their VRWS agreement suspended.  Suspension of a VR
        agreement does not extend the agreement beyond its scheduled termination

        date. If the employee returns to work prior to the scheduled termination date

        of the VR agreement, the employee’s participation in the VR agreement
        resumes and continues until the scheduled termination date, unless both

        parties agree to terminate the agreement.

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