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of additional time. He is required  to charge 8 hours  to  cover his full

         schedule, and receives 8 hours pay for the day.

            4.  Vacation and sick  leave  adjustment  credits  must be added to the
         employee’s regular vacation and sick leave balances. Employees continue

         to be subject to a prorated sick leave maximum, and to a prorated vacation
         maximum on April 1  of each year, based on their payroll percentage.

         Employees who separate from State service receive a lump sum payment
         for unused vacation of  up  to 30 prorated days based on  their  payroll

         percentage. Separating  employees should be credited as of  the  date of
         separation with any additional leave to which they are entitled under this

         Program so that such  leave can  be  included in  the vacation lump  sum
         payment and, for retirees, in the calculation of retirement service credit and

         the sick leave credit for health insurance in retirement, subject to applicable
         maximums based on the employee’s payroll percentage.

            Personal Leave
            1. Agencies must review the additional time worked by eligible part-time

         annual salaried employees once a year. Employees who work additional
         time will be credited with personal leave adjustment credit once a year on

         the personal leave adjustment date. The personal leave adjustment date will
         not change  if the employee is not in  pay status  on that date. The first

         personal leave adjustment date was May 30, 2001 for the period April 1,
         2000 through March 31, 2001.

            2.  Agencies must credit eligible employees  with personal  leave
         adjustment credits proportional to the number of additional hours worked

         during the 26 pay periods under review. An employee must have worked a

         minimum of 13 hours of additional time above the number of hours equated
         to his/her payroll percentage to earn an additional one-quarter (1/4) hour of
         personal leave. Eligible employees are credited with one-quarter (1/4) hour

         of personal leave for every 13 hours of additional time worked during the

         26 pay periods under review. For this purpose, time worked includes time
         charged to leave credits.
            For example, during the period April 1, 2004 through March 31, 2005,

         an ISU employee works a total of 235 hours beyond her payroll percentage

         and earns 4.50 hours of personal leave adjustment time.  (235 hours of
         additional  time worked divided by 13 hours = 18.08 13-hour segments

         multiplied by  .25 hour  credited for  each 13 hours of additional  time

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